I initially tried CBD oil because I wanted to try a holistic approach to managing anxiety. Anxiety was a very new concept to me; I hadn’t experienced it until post-childbirth. Over the course of a year, I became way more aware of how important mental health was (I learned that I was very uneducated about mental health, in general). I saw the word “CBD” mentioned a lot. I did months of research about CBD oil, before finally deciding to choose HempWorx. 


Within a week of using my oil, I reached out to my now-mentor, and basically said, “Whoa, this is stuff is miraculous, I want everyone to know about its benefits! How do I advocate for this product?!” My anxiety was at bay, my partner reported that he was sleeping better and waking up without back pain, my skin was clearing up + glowing, and more. I even started using our pet CBD line for my giant-breed dog who experiences joint paint and inflammation. 


We want to shout the benefits of CBD products from the rooftops, seriously. Everyone could benefit from it; it’s the ultimate supplement for our bodies.