CBD For Pets


Studies have shown that a pet's overall health and balance can be improved by activating their CB2 receptors. Many people testify that by using CBD products, their pets are able to find relief from things like joint pain, anxiety, skin irritations, and inflammation (without the damaging long-term effects on their organs that prescriptions may cause).

  • 250mg oil tincture – Gluten-free, cruelty-free, made with organic methods, non GMO, and is made with natural bacon flavor.

  • We also have CBD dog treats available that are beef flavored! Each treat contains 2.5mg of CBD. Vet-approved, grain free, corn free, soy free, cruelty-free, made with organic methods, non GMO, made with locally-sourced ingredients, and baked to perfection.

BONUS: If you add two pet items to your cart, it will bundle the two and give you savings when you check out. You can choose two bottles of pet oil, two bags of dog treats, or one of each.

What kind of dosing do I give my pet?

For pets under 25 pounds, the suggested serving of oil is half a dropper, twice daily. For pets over 26 pounds, the suggested serving is a full dropper, twice daily.

We recommend starting at the lower end, and slowly working your way up, regardless of your pet's weight. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that your pet does best at a lower dose than suggested. Or, you may find out that your pet does better at double the suggested dose, for example. You cannot "overdose" on CBD. You will be the best judge of how your pet is feeling and acting!


The suggested serving of our CBD dog treats is 1 to 2 cookies per day. Like we mentioned above about our pet CBD oil, you will be the best judge of how your pet is feeling! Start at the lower end of the suggested serving, and work your way up.

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Watch how we use the pet CBD products for our dog

CBD Pet Testimonial

My first experience with CBD was actually for my pup, not for myself. I had done so much research on it, and I finally decided to try it for my girl’s skin issues. She has REALLY bad skin, and we couldn’t provide her relief with anything. Within 5 days of using the oil, I saw a difference in her skin. Her sores were healing, and the redness and swelling went down so much. After a month and a half, she was completely clear of the sores! I noticed her anxiety was calming as well - she wasn’t barking as much, and she wasn’t on edge all the time.  Now, I use the oil on all three of my dogs for their anxiety and skin issues. We haven’t had a breakout on any of them in 4 months, and we are so relieved. This photo shows my girl before using CBD, 5 days after using CBD daily, and then 6 weeks after using CBD daily. This product helps my girls live their best lives, and I am so thankful for that! 

-Maria T.